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PFT Contract

Every PFT member receives a copy of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, and it is posted here as a searchable PDF.

It’s organized by chapters, called Articles, which have titles to help you find the information you need. Articles have Sections and Sub-Sections, and at the end of the contract is a lengthy Index to help locate specific information. The contract also includes Side Letters, which amplify or explain additional agreements between the PFT and District, Appendices and Salary Schedules.

You can download a PDF of the 2009-2013 collective bargaining agreement and salary tables for PFT bargaining units or click on specific articles in the Table of Contents, which is linked to the full text in each Article.



PFT-District Collective Bargaining Agreement 2009-2013

New PFT Salaries, Effective Jan. 1, 2012.


  1. Purpose and Scope of Agreement
  2. Management Rights and Responsibilities
  3. Union Rights and Responsibilities
    1. Recognition/Exclusive Representation
    2. Union Representatives—Leaves
    3. Union Visitation
    4. Meetings, Announcements and Publications
  4. Communication, Consultation and Cooperation
    1. General Terms
    2. Joint Federation-District Committee
    3. Region Based Committees
    4. Building Committees
    5. Focus Groups and Work Teams
    6. Data, Reports and Statistics
    7. Site-based Management-Educational Compacts
  5. Union Security
    1. Dues Checkoff
    2. Fair Share
    3. Indemnification
  6. Fair Practices
  7. Bargaining Unit Work
  8. Examinations and Appointments
    1. Postings
    2. Examinations
    3. Appointments
    4. Secretarial Examinations
    5. Food Service
  9. Employment Security
    1. Seniority
    2. Layoff/Recall
    3. Just Cause
  10. Professional Development
    1. Recognition of Need for Professional Development at District, Region, and School Levels
    2. Required Professional Development Hours
    3. Jointly Administered Programs
  11. Assessment of Performance and Interventions
    1. Individual Assessments for Professional Employees
    2. Peer Intervention
    3. Professional Growth and Peer Assistance and Review System
    4. Non-Professional Employees
  12. Compensation
    1. Salaries
    2. General Compensation Terms
    3. Senior Career Teachers
    4. Other Compensation Terms for Members of the Secretaries’ Bargaining Unit
    5. Other Compensation Terms for Members of the Paraprofessionals’ Bargaining Unit
    6. Other Compensation Terms for Members of the Non-Teaching Assistants’ Bargaining Unit
    7. Other Compensation Terms for Per Diem Substitutes
    8. Other Compensation Terms for Members of the Professional/Technical Bargaining Unit
    9. Other Compensation Terms for Members of the Comprehensive Early Learning Center Bargaining Unit
    10. Other Compensation Terms for Members of the Head Start Bargaining Unit
    11. Other Compensation Terms for Supportive Services Assistants’ Bargaining Unit
    12. Other Compensation Terms for Food Service Managers Bargaining Unit
    13. Pay for Assignment to an Acting Position
    14. Value Added Compensation Program
    15. Pay for Satisfactory Performance
    16. Schedule/Methods of Payment
    17. National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
    18. School District of Philadelphia Masters Degree Partnership Program
  13. Benefits
    1. Medical Plans
    2. Philadelphia Federation of Teachers Health and Welfare Fund
    3. Purpose of Trust Fund
    4. Payment to Trust
    5. Title to Monies Paid Into Trust
    6. Leave of Absence For Employees to Work for Health and Welfare
    7. Philadelphia Federation of Teachers Legal Services Trust Fund
    8. Career Development
    9. Life Insurance
    10. Wage Continuation Program
    11. Workers’ Compensation
    12. Termination Pay
    13. Leave Benefits
    14. Inoculations
    15. Benefits Bulletins and Policies
  14. Due Process Procedures
    1. Conference Procedures
    2. Personnel Files
    3. Third Party Medical Evaluations
  15. Dispute Resolution
    1. Grievance Subjects
    2. Procedure For Adjustment of Grievances
    3. General Procedures
  16. Long-Term Substitutes
    1. Eligibility for Long-Term Status
    2. Assignment and Replacement
    3. Other Terms
  17. General Working Conditions
    1. Work Year
    2. Workday
    3. Extracurricular Activities and Special Assignment
    4. Other Working Conditions
    5. High Needs Schools
    6. Renaissance Schools
  18. Working Conditions of Teachers
    1. Definitions
    2. Work Schedule
    3. Assignment and Transfer
    4. Duties
    5. Pupils, Programs and Curriculum
    6. Support Services, Supplies, Facilities and Other Conditions
    7. Class Size
  19. Working Conditions of Secretaries
    1. Work Schedule
    2. Assignment and Transfers
    3. Duties
    4. Equipment, Supplies, Facilities and Other Condition
  20. Working Conditions of Non-Teaching Assistants
    1. Work Schedule
    2. Assignment and Transfers
    3. Professional Development
    4. Duties
    5. Equipment, Supplies and Facilities
    6. Examinations and Appointment
  21. Working Conditions of Paraprofessionals
    1. Work Schedule
    2. Assignment and Transfer
    3. Duties
    4. Support Services, Facilities and Supplies
  22. Working Conditions of Pre-K Employees (including CELC and Head Start)
    1. Work Schedule
    2. Assignment and Transfers
    3. Duties
    4. Support Services, Facilities and Supplies
    5. Class Size/Case Load
  23. Working Conditions of Food Service Managers
    1. Assignment and Transfers
    2. Duties
    3. Support Services, Facilities and Supplies
  24. Working Conditions of Per Diem Substitute Teachers
    1. Work Schedule
    2. Assignment and Transfers
    3. Duties
    4. Support Services, Facilities and Supplies
  25. Working Conditions of Professional Technical Employees
    1. Work Schedule
    2. Assignment and Transfer
    3. Duties
    4. Examinations and Appointments
  26. Working Conditions of Supportive Services Assistants, Parent Assistants and Health Room Technicians
    1. Work Schedule
    2. Assignments and Transfers
    3. Duties
    4. Support Services, Facilities and Supplies
    5. Other Conditions
  27. Severability
  28. Resolution of Differences by Peaceful Means
  29. Guarantee Clause
  30. Duration of Agreement
  31. Non-Reprisal Clause
  32. Signatures


Side Letters

Salary Schedules



Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, AFT Local 3, AFL-CIO. All rights reserved. Photographs and illustrations, as well as text, cannot be used without permission from the PFT.