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Cigarette Tax in Jeopardy!

After passing the PA House, the $2-per-pack cigarette tax legislation has been stalled after the PA Senate added amendments that would limit the tax to a five-year period.

This tax would generate $45 million for Philadelphia's public schools this year, and $80 million every year afterward. This means our schools could start to restore lost counselors, certified school librarians, school nurses and other programs for our schoolchildren.

Stay tuned to this page for information on contacting your PA House representatives. When the legislature reconvenes, we must get this legislation passed! 

PFT's Position on School Funding Ideas

PFT Testimony on school funding proposals

City Council Legislation Supported by the PFT

Sample letter to State Legislators from PFT president Jerry Jordan in support of Cigarette Tax

Click the links below to write to elected officials about the legislation that impacts our schools, our children and our members!
Contact Info for State

Contact Information for City Council Members
SB1085: A Bad Deal for Public Education!

SB 1085, offered under the guise of reform, is nothing more than a thinly veiled effort to strip Public School Districts of local control over their Tax Dollars and education priorities; expand the unbridled growth of Charter and Cyber Charter Schools without local oversight; and transfer public funds away from already strapped Public School Districts like Philadelphia. Click here for more information

Click here to write to your PA State Senator TODAY!


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