Latest Actions

Write to elected leaders about upcoming legislation that impacts our schoolchildren and working families!

Tell the PA Senate to Vote for Clean, Safe and Healthy School Buildings

Click here to urge our PA Senators to pass SB 555/SB 556 and SB 700, which would provide critically needed resources to improve the teaching and learning environments in our schools.

  • SB 555 calls for $125 million to be taken from existing fund balances for the purpose of making critical school building repairs. If passed, Philadelphia’s schools would receive $85 million. SB 556 is an alternative bill that would secure the $125 million from the projected budget surplus.
  • SB 700 is a bipartisan bill that would fund PLANCON and establish a grant program for school maintenance projects.
Send a message to your PA Senator: Fund Our Facilities!

Other Actions

HB 1401 Calls for More Nurses, Counselors, Psychologists and Social Workers in Schools

HB 1401 calls for school districts to “evaluate their needs based on school population and requires a necessary complement of school counselors, psychologists, social workers, and nurses to ensure that access to help is never a problem and that caseload management is never an issue.”

Write to your PA State Representative TODAY and tell them to VOTE YES on HB 1401!

Tell the PA House to Oppose These Phony Charter Reforms!

The PA House is set to take up more bad legislation this week. This time, they are prepared to consider a package of charter bills, two of which will set the stage for even more unfettered charter growth. Next year’s charter costs in the School District of Philadelphia are estimated at more than $900 million.

Write to your PA State Representative TODAY and tell them to VOTE NO on HB 356 and HB 357!

Tell Your Elected Leaders to Endorse the PFT Legislative Platform

Our platform was developed as a result of a member-wide survey that helped us define our 2019 legislative priorities. Click here to read the full PFT Legislative Platform

Hearing from their constituents will be a great way to ensure that elected officials know the importance of the issues we have highlighted.

Tell your State Senators and Representatives to show their support for the priorities of Philly’s Educators!