Tell your legislative representatives that we need comprehensive responses to the COVID19 Coronavirus pandemic that protect workers!

Give states the fiscal stabilization funds to fight the coronavirus!

As the United States fights the coronavirus, the threat of economic recession grows. If the economy goes into a recession, it will dry up the tax base for state and local governments, and like we saw 10 years ago, money will be taken from public services on backs of teachers, nurses and public employees. We must give states the fiscal stabilization funds they need to fight the coronavirus and avoid economic consequences.

Healthcare Workers Need Protective Equipment Now

This is scary time. As many of us practice social distancing, remain at home and watch our schools, arenas and malls close down – we see our frontline workers risking their health for us. As they run out of protective equipment healthcare workers face an elevated risk of getting sick, spreading the virus, and possibly dying.

We need a comprehensive legislative response to COVID-19

On March 20, Jerry Jordan sent a letter to members of the State Legislature, urging a holistic approach to addressing the COVID-19 crisis. We urge the General Assembly to adopt comprehensive legislation to address the potential for devastating effects on all Pennsylvanians, particularly the most vulnerable among us.