The PFT is the leading organization on reporting, addressing and publicizing the unacceptable conditions in too many of our school buildings. The information we receive from Philly’s educators is a key component to the progress we’ve made in getting the District to fix issues in a timely manner. 

Here are some of the ways the PFT  and its members have worked to ensure better buildings for all of our schoolchildren. 

Fund Our Facilities Coalition

On March 29, 2019, the PFT launched “Fund Our Facilities,” a coalition of elected leaders, labor organizations, and community groups focused on securing funding for improvements to school buildings. The coalition’s mission is to secure an immediate investment of $170 million to remediate critical environmental hazards across the School District of Philadelphia’s more than 200 buildings.

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The founding coalition partners are:
  • The Philadelphia Federation of Teachers
  • Philly Healthy Schools Initiative
  • State Senator Vincent Hughes
  • Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO
  • State Senator Larry Farnese
  • Philadelphia Delegation Chair Representative Jason Dawkins
  • State Representative Elizabeth Fiedler
  • Council President Darrell L. Clarke
  • City Councilmember Helen Gym
  • City Councilmember Mark Squilla
  • City Councilmember Cherelle Parker
  • City Councilmember Derek Green
Coalition partners:

State Senators:

  • State Senator Tina Tartaglione
  • State Senator Tim Kearney
  • State Senator Sharif Street
  • State Representative Mary Jo Daley
  • State Representative Morgan Cephas
  • State Representative Brian Sims
  • State Representative Liz Hanbidge
  • State Representative Joe Hohenstein
  • State Representative Donna Bullock
  • State Representative Danilo Burgos
  • State Representative Malcolm Kenyatta
  • State Representative Jared Solomon
  • State Representative Matt Bradford
  • State Representative Joanna McClinton
  • State Representative Chris Rabb
  • State Representative Jared Kinsey
  • State Representative Mary Isaacson
  • State Representative Joe Webster
  • State Representative Jennifer O’Mara
  • State Representative Dan Williams
  • State Representative Tina Davis
  • State Representative Joe Ciresi
  • State Representative Ben Sanchez
  • State Representative Leanne Krueger
  • State Representative James Roebuck

Philadelphia City Council members:

  • Councilmember Curtis Jones, Jr.


  • American Federation of Teachers
  • AFT Pennsylvania
  • For Our Future Pennsylvania Action Fund
  • Public Interest Law Center
  • Public Citizens for Children and Youth
  • Pennsylvania Council AFL-CIO
  • Laborers District Council
  • AFSCME 1199C
  • PA Spotlight

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PFT Healthy Schools Tracker App

Our mobile app gives educators, students, and parents the ability to send real-time photos and descriptions of school building problems directly to the PFT. We share this information with the District and follow-up on the progress of repairs and/or solutions to make sure that issues are resolved.

The App is available for download on the Apple Store and the Google Play Store


The following is a summary of issues reported/addressed by PFT members using the PFT Healthy Schools Tracker App:

Number of Schools Reporting:


Classrooms/Locations Affected


Photos Submitted:


Issues Fixed/Resolved:


Photos from PFT members

Philly’s educators are our best source of information. Whether it’s mold, lead paint, rodent droppings or other health and safety hazards. PFT member photos have helped us to document and publicize the conditions in our school buildings, and to ensure the District addresses issues and makes timely repairs. Here a few of the photos we’ve received from members through the Healthy Schools Tracker app – MORE TO COME!

(click or hover over photos for descriptions):

Share your pictures! 
PFT members can submit pictures via the Healthy Schools Tracker app, or e-mail photos to, with the name of your school and a brief description of the problem. We’ll be posting some photos here, and sharing every photo and issue with the District.

Going Public and Fighting for Change

Thanks to the PFT, school buildings have been a hot topic in the news, and a constant topic of discussion when we meet with state and local elected officials.

From funding for PlanCon, to improving response times for repairs, the PFT is at the forefront when it comes to calling attention to the hazards faced by schoolchildren and educators, and recommending ways to quickly and cost-effectively repair our buildings.

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March 29, 2019: Price tag for fixing all urgent Philly school building problems? $170M, union, lawmakers say

March 27, 2019: Inquirer op-ed by Jerry Jordan and PA Senator Vincent Hughes: Unacceptable condition of Philly’s school buildings sends a tragic signal to students 

January 24, 2019: PFT press conference announcing Healthy Schools Tracker app

January 23, 2019: Jerry Jordan’s Inquirer op-ed: school buildings are a human rights issue

December 13, 2018: Jerry Jordan’s statement on City Council’s passage of “lead-free” schools legislation

November 29, 2018: PFT’s building conditions briefing to City Council. You can read more about our meeting with Council here.

September 4, 2018: Jerry Jordan’s statement on the District’s handling of the back-to-school heat wave, and the need for air conditioning in school buildings, 

June 4, 2018: Jerry Jordan’s Op-Ed on Toxic School Buildings

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May 22, 2017: PFT and other organizations form Philly Healthy Schools Initiative

Check back to this for updates, including new photos and news stories.