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June 1, 2023

PHILADELPHIA--"The strategic plan is rooted in an important vision for our District, and rooted in a set of core values that are reflective of a collective vision for a more equitable and just District. The recent landmark school funding decision effectively proved what we've known for decades: there is an inherent injustice in how education is currently funded in this Commonwealth. And in our District, where the students we educate are primarily Black and brown and experiencing poverty, the impact of this inequitable system has been catastrophic.

"The strategic plan set forth by Superintendent Watlington and his team, in consultation with stakeholders, lays out what can be accomplished when we look at what is possible and what resources our students need to learn and thrive. 

"It is encouraging to know that the District is prioritizing components we have identified as key issues for years, including (just to identify a few): ensuring safe and healthy facilities in which to learn and work; increasing the numbers of school nurses; recruiting and retaining a diverse teaching force; and increasing access to arts and music and CTE programming.

"In short, there are essential goals outlined in this plan, and it is critical that we secure funding and resources to meet our constitutional (and moral) obligation to meet the needs of every child we serve. Our students deserve nothing less."


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