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Para Program

August 15, 2023

Dear PFT Paraprofessionals,

Applications are now re-opened for the Paraprofessional Career Development program, and I am thrilled!

As you know, the PFT--in direct response to YOUR proposals and collaboration--worked to prioritize and WIN a terrific paraprofessional career development program in our contract. It is one of the top programs in the nation and offers NO COST tuition as a result of our negotiations. I urge you to read the profile of this great program right here, featuring PFT Staff Representative LeShawna Coleman and PFT Co-Building Representative Gemayel Keyes. I am SO proud to report that Gemayel is beginning his first full year as a classroom teacher after successfully completing the program last year. He will continue to do amazing work for the students at Spruance Elementary School, now as a special education teacher.

Take advantage of this wonderful program! All the details are below, including important information sessions. Using your PhilaSD email address, express your interest by filling out this form:


Payscales 2023-2024 

Use this landing page to find the most up-to-date version of payscales. You can download the file right here. Should any edits be made, a new version of this file will be uploaded on this landing page.



Member Information and Resources

March 15, 2023 Scholarship Application Open March 15-May 15, 2023 Dear PFT Members, The SAGE Scholars Educational Foundation is delighted to announce a special $5,000 College Scholarship in the name of Patrick J. Eiding to members of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers. The application for this scholarship is open to all PFT Union members with students in either their senior year of high school or students currently enrolled in college. MORE

December 23, 2022

Dear PFT Members,

As we close out the final week of school before a well-deserved break, I want to thank you for your ongoing solidarity, your commitment to our students, and for being part of our collective fight for a better tomorrow. Take a look back at just some of our 2022 here.

I hope that the time off is filled with joy and rejuvenation. The holidays can be challenging for many, and if that is the case for you, know that I am holding you in my thoughts. 

Our office is closed beginning 12/24/22, and we will reopen 1/3/23. 

With warmest wishes and solidarity forever,




Member Information and Resources



Dear Members,

Like so many of you, I still wake up on the first day back to school with excitement and anticipation--and today was no different! I was delighted to join two fantastic celebrations of the return to school; Councilmember Helen Gym and I joined staff, students, parents, and community partners to kick the day off at Dobbins CTE and Duckrey Elementary. The enthusiasm was contagious. 

I hope you'll take a moment to watch this quick video of the morning

In it, you'll hear from Councilmember Gym and me about the year ahead, and you will also hear really great remarks from Dobbins


Note: We typically do not publicly share our weekly e-news, but with many new members & e-mail list updates under way, we wanted to ensure that our message reached as many people as possible! If you are a member and not receving our weekly newsletter & additional updates, please sign up right here.


Dear Members,

Welcome back! It has been a pleasure speaking to so many of you this week--my team and I have been criss-crossing the city visiting and conducting meetings, and the enthusiasm for the year ahead is high.

This week I had the opportunity to meet with new members at both Stetson

We recently received notice that the District erroneously calculated a very significant number of teachers' MMS ratings for the 2021-2022 school year. While the error had zero impact for the vast majority of those members affected, we regret that the District's error in calculation had a negative impact on 0.2% of members who received or will receive a recalculation notice. Roughly 0.1% of members receiving notice received a positive change to their score. Roughly 99.7% of members receiving notice will receive a completely neutral score adjustment. For those members receiving a negative shift in their MMS score, we recognize that the District's error is distressing, and we will provide you with the supports you may need to navigate this challenge. MORE
​​Pay scales are updated! Click through to access your specific pay scale. Reminders Effective 9/1/22: 3.25% increase to salary schedules Paid last paycheck of September: $1,000 contract bonus to all employees who are employed 9/1/22 MORE