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UPDATED July 4, 2023

PHILADELPHIA--"Again and again, the devastation wrought by the scourge of gun violence continues to rip families apart and leave communities shattered. As we continue to learn more about last evening's mass shooting in Kingsessing, my heart just breaks for the now-reported five individuals whose lives were stolen from them and for their families and loved ones whose lives will never be the same. And I am so sorry for the two individuals wounded in this deadly mass shooting. Their lives, too, will be forever impacted by this devastating tragedy.

"The impact of this mass shooting is immeasurable. My deep condolences are too frequent and wholly insufficient. It is well past time for meaningful action to holistically address the crisis of gun violence that plagues our nation. From a true investment agenda in our communities to substantive legislative action including gun reform, there is action that our elected officials at every level of government can take now to save lives

"I am holding all impacted by this horror in my heart. This level of profound loss is too much to bear, and it cannot go on. In this moment of deep sadness, our union remains committed to the fight for meaningful action to end the crisis of gun violence."


Since this statement's release, we have now learned the identities of those killed, including 15 year old Da'Juan Brown. We mourn for Da'Juan, for Lashyd Merritt, for Dymir Stanton, for Ralph Moralis, and for Joseph Wamah, Jr. We also mourn for the two children injured. 

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