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March 15, 2023

"For the second time this school year, Willard Elementary has been damaged by gunfire. This time, bullets fired through two classrooms during the school day. While the rooms were empty at the moment, this so easily could have been an even greater catastrophe.

"I am enraged for our students, staff, for the entire Willard community, and for our entire city. The ravages of gunfire have once again shattered a school building and community, and that should horrify us all.

"I am once again reiterating my call for meaningful action on gun reform and sustainable investment in our

March 15, 2023 Scholarship Application Open March 15-May 15, 2023 Dear PFT Members, The SAGE Scholars Educational Foundation is delighted to announce a special $5,000 College Scholarship in the name of Patrick J. Eiding to members of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers. The application for this scholarship is open to all PFT Union members with students in either their senior year of high school or students currently enrolled in college. MORE
[Updated] March 16, 2023 "Gut-wrenching horror. I am so sorry for Neko Rivera whose life was stolen from him, for his family, for the Kensington HS and Fels communities and for everyone who continues to be impacted by the devastation of gun violence. "17 District children killed this school year alone—it should be unfathomable—but day in and day out we see this absolute limitless horror of the crisis of gun violence. We cannot continue to live and die like this." MORE

March 13, 2023

This morning, PFT President Jerry Jordan joined a coalition press conference calling for a comprehensive, collaborative, transparent facilities plan, coupled with significant investment commensurate with the facilities needs of our public schools.

The event was hosted by City Council's Chair of the Committee on Education Councilmember Isaiah Thomas

Read Jerry Jordan's prepared remarks here and below.

In addition to Jordan and Thomas, participants included:

  • AFTPA President Arthur Steinberg
  • CASA President Robin Cooper
  • 32BJ District Leader John Bynum
  • State Senator Vincent Hughes
  • State

March 12, 2023

In response to the Sunday March 12th Inquirer editorial regarding the upcoming Mayoral election, PFT shared the following on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages:

March 9, 2023 "I am absolutely horrified by the shooting near Heston Elementary School yesterday afternoon. Three individuals were in the school office that was hit with bullets. To think that our young people and their educators are not safe while carrying on their daily lives is just outrageous and deeply disturbing. My thoughts are with the person injured and their loved ones, as well as to the staff and community members who witnessed or are otherwise impacted by this horror. MORE