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PHILADELPHIA--"I applaud Governor Josh Shapiro for his focus on rectifying Pennsylvania's unconstitutional system of funding public education. For years, we have fought tirelessly to ensure that students and staff have the resources they need and deserve to thrive. While we have seen increases in funding over the past several years, we now have a court ruling that, with finality, states that the way we fund public education in our Commonwealth is unconstitutional (and indeed, immoral)

"By implementing the Governor's plan, we have a chance to invest nearly $1.1 Billion in public education, including a nearly $900 Million investment in a new formula that addresses the inequities laid out in the historic school funding lawsuit. For years, this inequitable distribution of funding has meant that Black and Brown students and students experiencing poverty have been shortchanged and have been denied essential resources.

"In addition to the nearly $900 Million invested in a new formula, Governor Shapiro proposed a much-needed $200 Million increase in Basic Education Funding. And, I would be remiss not to highlight the $300 Million line item to address the facilities crisis; I applaud Governor Shapiro for calling out the critical need for this investment in his remarks. 

"The Governor also emphasized his continued commitment to delivering important programs including universal free breakfast, mental health supports, special education funding, pre-K programs, and increasing investments in programs to recruit and retain teachers.

"Vouchers should not be part of this conversation. We will continue to follow the research, which shows that vouchers, in any form, are ineffective at best and profoundly flawed. Judge Jubelirer ordered that the legislative and executive branches address the inequitable funding of our system of public education. Any dollar that is diverted to a voucher program in any form is a dollar that moves us further from a fully funded system of public education-- a system to which every child is constitutionally and morally entitled.

"We have been relentless in our advocacy for the schools our students and staff need and deserve, and the Governor's budget address reflects many of those priorities. Our advocacy will continue to reflect a deep commitment to a fully, fairly funded system of public education."


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