The Philadelphia Federation of Teachers represents Philadelphia’s educators, including teachers, librarians, school nurses, counselors, psychologists and social workers, secretaries, paraprofessionals, classroom assistants, non-teaching assistants, supportive services assistants, Head Start/Comprehensive Early Learning Center and Bright Futures teachers and staff, food service managers and professional and technical employees.


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PFT PFT @PFTLocal3 RT @DianeRavitch: The MSNBC Public Education Forum Was Terrific! 2 hours ago
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PFT PFT @PFTLocal3 .@JoeBiden: Community college should be free for all. And we can afford it easily. #PublicEdForum #aftvotes 9 hours ago
PFT PFT @PFTLocal3 .@JoeBiden: Teaching is not what you do. It’s who you are. #PublicEdForum #aftvotes 9 hours ago
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PFT PFT @PFTLocal3 RT @AFTunion: .@amyklobuchar's presidential to-do list: 1. Higher teacher pay. 2. Fire @BetsyDeVosED. 3. Invest in infrastructure. #FundOur 10 hours ago
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PFT PFT @PFTLocal3 RT @AFTPA: .@BernieSanders also says our gun policy will not be dictated by the NRA. We must keep our kids safe #PublicEdForum 10 hours ago
PFT PFT @PFTLocal3 RT @AFTunion: If you want to keep people out of jails, you invest in schools and you invest in jobs. - @BernieSanders #PublicEdForum #AFTvo 10 hours ago