The Philadelphia Federation of Teachers represents Philadelphia’s educators, including teachers, librarians, school nurses, counselors, psychologists and social workers, secretaries, paraprofessionals, classroom assistants, non-teaching assistants, supportive services assistants, Head Start/Comprehensive Early Learning Center and Bright Futures teachers and staff, food service managers and professional and technical employees.


What The PFT Does

The PFT is committed to providing Philadelphia’s children with the highest quality education possible. We are leading the fight to reduce class sizes, expand early childhood education, use proven education programs, make schools safe and orderly and offer resources and support for teachers, staff and students.

The PFT:

Promotes the use of research-based programs proven to raise student achievement

Keeps members informed about education issues and advocates politically on behalf of members and students.

Administers union-won benefits, including dental, prescription and vision care services

Offers Professional Development

Negotiates the collective bargaining agreement that establishes working conditions, salaries and benefits

Provides representation and support for members who experience job-related issues and problems

Every school and work location has a PFT Building Representative elected by you and your colleagues to help you with day-to-day issues you may encounter.

The PFT also has Regional Staff Representatives to assist members with larger, more complex issues.

In addition, the PFT has Information Officers and Personnel Officers available by telephone to help you with emergencies or immediate concerns or questions.

In addition to using our Website, you can locate your Staff Representative in the back of the PFT Calendar.

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