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April 18, 2024

This morning in City Council, Councilmembers Gilmore Richardson and Gauthier introduced a resolution in support of Representative Elizabeth Fiedler's Solar for Schools legislation. 

PFT President Jerry Jordan's remarks are below and linked here.

Solar for Schools

Good Morning, and it is a good morning—when we have both our city and state leaders united in a cause that will better the future for all of us, and most importantly for our children.

  • I am going to be brief this morning, because no one should really need convincing that this program is a winning one.

Thank you, Representative Fiedler


April 16, 2024

Following Dr. Tony B. Watlington's announcement that the School District of Philadelphia will end its practice of leveling, PFT President Jerry T. Jordan issued the following statement:

PHILADELPHIA-- "The decision to eliminate leveling is a sound one and a very welcome one. It will allow both children and staff important stability at the start of the school year that will help set the trajectory for a strong year. Over the years, we have worked to mitigate the challenges set forth by the process of leveling. To know that the District recognizes and appreciates


April 8, 2024

PHILADELPHIA-- On Monday afternoon, members of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers were honored to join Vice President Kamala Harris for a roundtable discussion on the Biden-Harris administration's efforts to relieve student debt. In addition to $146 Billion in debt already forgiven, the Biden-Harris administration on Monday proposed additional changes that AFT President Randi Weingarten called "a lifechanging intervention."

Following a thrilling experience for Cramp Elementary students who greeted the Vice President upon her arrival in Philadelphia (and


Following the double shooting in East Germantown that claimed the life of 16-year-old Semaj Fields and injured another teen, PFT President Jerry T. Jordan issued the following statement:

PHILADELPHIA-- "I’m heartsick by the loss of Semaj Fields, a freshman at Ben Franklin High School, gunned down with his whole life ahead of him. My condolences are once again wholly insufficient in this time of profound loss. But for all who knew and loved Semaj, and for the entire Ben Franklin community, I offer my deepest sympathies.

"For the student injured in the same shooting, I share my thoughts and


March 6, 2024

"Our young people deserve so much more. They deserve so much better. The scourge of gun violence must end. We need common-sense gun reform, and we need true investment in our communities."


March 6, 2024

At a ratification meeting on March 6, PFT Members voted overwhelmingly to approve a Tentative Agreement to a one-year contract extension.

As per the PFT constitution, members present at the meeting voted on the agreement, and the results were as follows:

2096 YES (84%)

399 NO (16%)

On the approval of the one-year extension, PFT President Jerry T. Jordan said, 


February 28, 2024

PHILADELPHIA--The Philadelphia Federation of Teachers and School District of Philadelphia are thrilled to jointly announce the settlement of a Tentative Agreement (TA) to a one-year contract extension to the existing Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). 

The Tentative Agreement is a milestone for both the Union and the District, and it represents a significant investment in the dedicated educators and support staff that, with care and expertise, help shape future generations. Superintendent Dr. Tony Watlington and PFT President Jerry Jordan have both expressed their shared goal of not just saying they value educators--but showing them.


February 26, 2024

This morning, at Science Leadership Academy at Beeber, PFT President Jerry Jordan joined Senator Vincent Hughes and a coalition of labor leaders, elected officials, high school and college students, teachers and staff to sound the alarm on the teacher shortage.

President Jordan's prepared remarks are available here.

A short video of President Jordan's remarks along with several photos from the event are available here.


PHILADELPHIA--"I applaud Governor Josh Shapiro for his focus on rectifying Pennsylvania's unconstitutional system of funding public education. For years, we have fought tirelessly to ensure that students and staff have the resources they need and deserve to thrive. While we have seen increases in funding over the past several years, we now have a court ruling that, with finality, states that the way we fund public education in our Commonwealth is unconstitutional (and indeed, immoral)

"By implementing the Governor's plan, we have a chance to invest nearly $1.1 Billion i


The Inquirer's Kristen Graham continued her coverage of PFT President Jerry Jordan's retirement with interviews of members, staff, elected officials, and labor leaders.

The online coverage of Jordan's retirement also includes a photo gallery of Jordan through the years (not to be missed!).

Here's what many who knew and have worked with PFT President Jerry Jordan for years had to say about his leadership: