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December 30, 2023

Following the shooting death of Mr. Bilal Henry, a staff member at Mayfair Elementary School, PFT President Jerry T. Jordan issued the following statement:

PHILADELPHIA--"I am heartsick by the callous murder of Mr. Bilal Henry, a beloved father, husband, and staff member at Mayfair Elementary School

"To know that Mr. Henry was gunned down answering the door at his own home, while his wife and children were present is just gut-wrenching.


The Historical Society of Pennsylvania (HSP) is calling all Philadelphia teachers and administrators to engage their students in history through National History Day Philly. For students in grades 6-12, this program provides an opportunity to explore a topic of their choice based on the theme “Turning Points in History.” Through exhibits, websites, documentaries, performances, and papers, students can showcase their projects to their peers and judges at a local competition in March. Teachers, librarians, and after-school club directors are all encouraged to participate.


December 1, 2023


PFT Members,

I am elated to begin December with some phenomenal news for you: on January 1st, your dental coverage is getting a MAJOR overhaul. 


Election Day Reminders! PFT Members, please see your e-mail for additional information and volunteer opportunities.

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October 26, 2023

Once again, we mourn in the aftermath of the ongoing devastation of gun violence.

In our beloved city, we mourn the killing of Bernard N. Gribbin, a SEPTA driver, whose life was stolen from him while he was doing his job. Our condolences and thoughts are with all who knew and loved him, and with the entire Transport Workers Union Local 234 community.

Further, we are horrified by another devastating mass shooting, this time in Maine. Our hearts are with all who are impacted by a tragedy that should be unspeakable but is, in fact, far too common.

We cannot continue to


Dear Members,

This weekend, I am headed to Houston to participate in the AFT’s Civil, Human, & Women’s Rights conference, along with PFT Staff Representative Wendy G. Coleman.

During this deeply troubling time, I am looking forward to joining with colleagues from across the nation to talk about our collective work towards a better, more equitable, and more just tomorrow.

I think about the upcoming conference in the context of the atrocities we are seeing unfold in the Israel-Hamas War. As I shared last week, our deepest sympathies are with every single individual impacted by this