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Fight Back Against Union Busters!

August 15, 2019

All summer long, many members have reported receiving letters and postcards from an organization called, “Free to Teach.”

Let’s be clear–Free to Teach is a project of the Commonwealth Foundation, an anti-worker, anti-public education, Koch Brothers- and DeVos family-backed  “think tank” whose mission is to bust unions and feather the beds of corporate CEOs.

Read more about the Commonwealth Foundation here and here.

As educators and PFT members, we must stand up to these tactics and fight back against these attacks. Help us by showing everyone–including the commonwealth foundation–that you’re sticking with the union.

Here’s how you can help spread the word:

Report a Union Buster

Fill out this form letting us know whenever you receive communication from Free to Teach.

Use Twitter to show you’re #stickingwiththeunion

  1. Write a message to the Commonwealth Foundation on the letter or postcard you receive, letting them know you’re not falling for their attempt to separate you from your union: Something like this:
    Example of union busting card received in mail

  2. Take a photo of the letter or postcard and tweet it you your followers and the Commonwealth Foundation. You can write your own tweet, or click to tweet one of the messages below, making sure to tag PFT (@PFTLocal3) and the Commonwealth Foundation (@Liberty4PA):

I’m not falling for anti-union, anti-public school nonsense from @Liberty4PA I’m #stickingwithmyunion #unionstrong @PFTLocal3

If you get one a postcard from @Liberty4PA, throw it away! They don’t care about public schools or educators. They’re only interested in busing unions. I’m #stickingwithmyunion #unionstrong @PFTLocal3

Share your picture on Facebook

Display the postcard or letter you received on Facebook–even add a few extra comments if you want! Be sure to tag the PFT in your post!

You can also click here to share this page on your Facebook timeline!

Don’t “Do” Facebook or Twitter?

You can e-mail us your photo, and we’ll post on PFT’s social media feeds!

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