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Check for our endorsement of Larry Krasner for DA as well as additional updates on judicial races and ballot questions.

PFT Building Representatives Ethel Peterson-Johnson (Bregy), Charlotte McCracken (Bache Martin), Sharahn Santana (Parkway NW), Anna Phelan (OEC), and Political Liaison Kate Sundeen (Palumbo) testified at April 28th's Council hearing on the American Rescue Plan. They focused on priorities for allocating rescue plan funding, emphasizing facilities invesetments, mental health support, and investing in resources and supplies. 

Their testimony was powerful and led to important conversation with Committee Chair Councilmember Maria Quiñones-Sánchez. 

Read their powerful testimony below:

Ethel Peterson


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PFT President Jerry Jordan joined educators, students, elected officials, community leaders to call for education equity. The event, convented by State Senator Vincent Hughes, was held outside Martin Luther King, Jr. High School, one day after the anniversary of King's assassination. Senator Hughes pointed to this as a reminder that we must recommit to ensuring education equity for our young people. Read Jerry Jordan's remarks from the event:


"Thank you, Senator Hughes and thank you to the many speakers and representatives for coming today to request, to implore, to demand that our legislature does what is right by the children of Pennsylvania and fund our schools fairly and equitably." Read Benjamin's remarks:


AFTPA President Arthur Steinberg, PFT President Jerry Jordan, and PFTHW Director of Environmental Science Jerry Roseman joined a critical hearing on Pennsylvania's toxic schools' crisis. The hearing, called by State Representatives Fiedler and Bizarro and State Senator Vincent Hughes, was an important avenue for advocating for the urgent resources we know are needed to ensure that our schools are free from environmental toxins.

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"Our city is about to receive an unprecedented amount of money to meet an unprecedented need, and we must act collectively and intelligently to ensure we use this stimulus money in a way that will have the greatest lasting impact on our children’s future." Read Sharahn's Remarks:


December 23, 2020

Dear Members,

It has certainly been an historic year, and one wrought with profound loss and sadness. And as you embark upon a well-deserved respite, I hope you will take time to pause and reflect on how much you have accomplished amidst such trying times. You have done so much for our schoolchildren, your families, and your communities. I hope that you have a peaceful holiday break, and that however you celebrate, you will do so in a way that keeps you and yours safe.

The year was so profound, that I wanted to take a look back at just some of what has unfolded, and our union’s role in all of it. So, bear with me-- this is a long one, but I believe it’s important to reflect on one of the most significant years in recent history.


Report non-compliance here

Plymouth Meeting, PA, December 21, 2020—On behalf of its 36,000 members and 61 locals, AFT Pennsylvania on Monday released a webform for educators, staff, students, parents, and community members to report non-compliance with the Pennsylvania Secretary of Health’s November 24, 2020 Order Directing Public School Entities in Counties with Substantial Community Transmission to Attest to Health and Safety Protocols.

“While Pennsylvania’s largest school districts have responsibly moved to a fully remote instruction model, it is imperative that districts continuing in-person


July 28, 2020

Today, the PFT released its most recent member survey regarding reopening school buildings. Over 7,500 members participated in the weeklong survey.

July 23, 2020 PFT President Jerry Jordan’s July 23rd Testimony before the School Board MORE